Will Kilbreth

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By day, Will Kilbreth organizes teams of tech savvy people to create behind the scenes systems that manage data and information using technology. His background as a student of philosophy informs his tech skills, positioning him to lead overall strategy for a large organization. Currently, he is the Chief Information Officer at Maine Community Health Options, responsible for the organization’s overall technical strategy. For the past ten years, he has also served as a LearningWorks board member and for many years, as our board chair. Will’s unique blend of skills – big picture thinking, a strategic mindset, and a capacity for asking the right questions – have served LearningWorks well.

Fellow board member John Christie said, “As chairman during a period of profound change, Will was able to exercise leadership at key critical junctures – effectively discerning themes expressed by a diverse board, articulating a common thread of clear purpose, and defining decisive action. That’s leadership! We will miss Will’s deep commitment to Learning Work’s mission, his integrity and his sense of humor.”

When asked why he chose to dedicate ten years of volunteer service to LearningWorks, Will said, “I believe a thriving community provides ways for all its members to prosper and contribute.  LearningWorks provides critical education for new Mainers and young people in Southern Maine to give them these opportunities. I feel a deep personal satisfaction in being able to help an immigrant from Rwanda learn English to put his engineering talents to work and in helping a teenager who hasn’t been able to finish at traditional high schools earn her diploma and go to SMCC.”

Will’s dedication to LearningWorks and our mission kept the organization stable and thriving through seas both stormy and calm. As we embark on our next 50 years without him at the helm, we will carry with us the professionalism, lightheartedness, smarts, goodwill and keen perspective that defined his tenure on the board and shaped the way we govern and operate.

Photo by Molly Haley – www.mollyhaley.com