Teyonda Hall

50 StoriesEnglish Language + LiteracyStaff
October 02, 2017

“Teyonda has shaped this community in the most profound way possible: she has given hundreds of people their voice.” — LearningWorks Program Director Jessica Moninski

Teyonda Hall was LearningWorks’ English Language + Literacy Director from 2011 to 2017, when she decided to take a leap of faith and move to her home state of Utah to start a new chapter of her life. Prior to that, she ran a LearningWorks Afterschool program at Riverton Elementary School, a special literacy project in Lewiston, and also worked as a case manager, helping children and young adults navigate challenges that were preventing them from achieving their academic goals.

During her time at LearningWorks, it became clear that Teyonda possesses an uncommon talent. She is equally at ease in the board room delivering a presentation on her programs, in the classroom where she teaches adult English Language Learners, and in the hallways of an elementary school, where students referred to her affectionately as “Miss T.” Her talents were a juggling act. Much like that picture of the Cat in the Hat standing on a ball and holding a stack of books in one hand; a rake, umbrella and goldfish bowl in the other; and a cake and cup of tea on his head, Teyonda could be found writing curriculum, whipping up a few training videos for new volunteers, accompanying donors on program site visits, recruiting hundreds of volunteer teachers and tutors, and writing reports, seemingly all at the same time on some days.