LearningWorks Afterschool Students Learn the Joy of Ukulele at Riverton Elementary

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February 26, 2018

The Portland Press Herald published a wonderful feature on LearningWorks’ collaboration with Lee Urban’s Ukuleles Heal the World program which brings free music lessons to elementary school students in our afterschool program.

“As much as he loves playing ukulele with other adults, Urban wanted to involve more children from the community. After leaving his job with the city of Portland, he earned his teaching certificate and now co-teaches part time in a first-grade classroom. He approached LearningWorks to see about teaching ukulele to the students the Portland-based agency serves through its afterschool programs.

Trina Dorn, assistant director of after-school programming for LearningWorks, knew it would be a good fit. Most of the students in the after-school programs come from families that can’t afford extra music and art enrichment opportunities, but Urban’s camps give them an opportunity to grow their self-confidence by learning how to play.

Dorn said students are drawn to Urban’s enthusiasm and humor.

‘They see him as a grandfather. They kids warm up to him so quickly,’ she said.”

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