LearingWorks Is Here For You

Dear LearningWorks Community,

Last week, I wrote to you all to announce that we would be closing our programs and offices temporarily as part of our state’s effort to protect the community from COVID-19 by staying home and practicing social distancing.

Shortly after that, I began fielding a surge of requests from our team. They wanted to know if they could go into work to hand out food and computers to our high school students. They wanted to know if we would be sending our AmeriCorps volunteers out to assist with community efforts to help the friends and neighbors most impacted by school closures, job layoffs, and more.

We then learned that most local districts would be closing through the end of April break and transitioning students to online learning. It became clear very quickly that fully closing our programs for more than a week would be a hardship to our community. Our work is needed now more than ever, and our programs are back up and running – virtually – as of this week. 

Later this week, I’ll send another update with more details about how all five of LearningWorks’ programs are continuing to serve the community by transitioning to distance learning and virtual programming. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with you.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that LearningWorks hasn’t shuttered its doors. We’re continuing to meet as a team everyday, and our staff have already been providing services virtually to our students.

We miss the smiling faces of our students and tutors as they hug each other hello before ducking into a tutor room. We miss our Youth Building Alternatives students ping-ponging through the building and playing basketball in the wood shop. We miss our building humming with activity and life, a safe place for us all to do the work we care about and to welcome our students.

Until we can be together again, we’ll continue to connect online. Please tune in to our social media channels, where we plan to be much more active in the coming weeks. Each day, we’ll share local resources for our students and their families, amplify the work of our partners, and share original educational content and story times for kids.

Be well,

Heather Davis
Executive Director

LearningWorks offices will be closed until April 27th.  We will continually reevaluate the situation and send updates if we plan to close our offices for any additional amount of time.