Susan Abt

Susan Abt is one of the many individual donors who make our free services for the community possible.

She moved to Portland from Chicago 12 years ago after a career working as a buyer for an independent bookstore. She heard about LearningWorks while volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, where LearningWorks students were often present doing community service. She was immediately impressed with how the students were using their energy and time in a positive manner and sensed that LearningWorks was having a positive impact on them at a critical time in their lives.

Susan supports our work for many reasons. She says, “It imbues me with a feeling of relief to know that there is support available for young people who may not have succeeded in the education system or who have had run-ins with the law. LearningWorks’ services are available to people of all colors, nationalities, and religions. In this welcoming environment, education is the gateway to success.”

Photography courtesy of Claire Houston