Lori Flynn

Lori Flynn is currently a 4th grade teacher at Biddeford Intermediate school, where we offer our LearningWorks Afterschool program and, previously, our Aim High AmeriCorps services. She previously served on our Aim High AmeriCorps advisory board. As a member of this board, Lori would attend meetings where she would help place new AmeriCorps members in classrooms with teachers where their own skills and interests would shine. In her own classroom and school, Lori has seen these AmeriCorps members at work going above and beyond the AmeriCorps program. They volunteer as a part of our Afterschool program, help out in the classroom, attend field trips, and more.

Being in the classroom with her students all day has allowed Lori to see the results of the Afterschool program at work. “It’s an opportunity for exploration. The kids are supported emotionally, socially and academically.” Lori shared a story about one child, an immigrant from Jamaica who came to Biddeford Intermediate School. Lori noticed that this child had significant needs, but she had no special education plans and was not always comfortable in group settings. An AmeriCorps member that Lori helped place stepped in and volunteered to help her. The girl would light up everytime she saw them, and they made a massive impact on this girl’s life.

We appreciate the time Lori has spent on our advisory council! The care she took to place AmeriCorps members with teachers that would be beneficial for both parties ultimately led to stories like the one in Biddeford. Because of Lori and our AmeriCorps team, students are able to grow and learn at a level that they hadn’t accessed before.

Photo by Ophelia Hu Kinney