Amos Libby

English Language + Literacy Program Director

Experience: English Language and Literacy Director Amos Libby joined the LearningWorks team in January 2021. In his role at LearningWorks, Amos coordinates and oversees EL+LP’s mission to bring quality, no-cost English language education to new Mainers in the refugee, migrant, and asylum-seeker communities. A polyglot fluent in multiple languages who has a passion for language acquisition and education, Amos has worked as an educator and social worker both in Maine and internationally for over 15 years. Amos earned his B.A. in International Studies from Long Island University’s international programs in India and Central America and graduated from Middlebury College Arabic Language School as a recipient of the Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace. Amos has a long history of serving and building relationships with marginalized communities in Portland in his previous capacity as a case manager and human services counselor at the Preble Street Resource Center and the City of Portland Oxford St. Shelter, respectively. Amos has also worked as a music educator for almost a decade and half as an adjunct faculty member at Bates and Bowdoin Colleges (with a yearlong stint at Colby College, as well) where his work focused on the traditional music of South Asia and the Middle East. When he’s not working, Amos is dreaming of his next visit to Sicily to spend time with his relatives and playing the oud (an 11-stringed fretless Middle Eastern lute). You might also find him in the kitchen cooking new dishes from around the world and talking about much he loves dogs.
Favorite Ice Cream: Millefoglie
Favorite Song: “Ferma Zitella” by Ludovico Einaudi and Giancarlo Paglilunga