We are currently seeking several English Language + Literacy volunteers. Please see the varying positions listed below.

LearningWorks has a long and rich history of teaching English Language + Literacy. In 1973, Literacy Volunteers of Greater Portland was formed to recruit, train, and support volunteers to provide free, confidential student-centered educational programs for small groups and individuals to improve reading, writing, and related literacy skills. Literacy Volunteers of Greater Portland  joined LearningWorks in November 2009 and continues to support a diverse student population. Our tutors are everyday citizens who simply want to be of service to the community. Many have had experience with teaching or training, while others are teaching for the first time. We have opportunities to teach an individual or a small group of 3-4 students.

To Become a Volunteer:
• Fill out the online application.
• Attend an orientation to learn more about the program and volunteer expectations, and to ask questions.
• Receive tutor training to gain the skills and strategies needed to be an effective literacy tutor.
• Get assigned an individual student or group.

Community Liaison (hours are negotiable): Represents the organization in community meetings and meets with Ethnic-Based Organizations (EBO’s) to discover needs and help link prospective students to LW services.

Communication with Tutors
(roughly 5 hours/month): Supports communication with tutors by writing monthly newsletters about issues in the community and student/tutor successes.

Remediation Tutor (roughly 3 hours/week): This is a floating tutor that partners with classroom teachers to provide short-term one-to-one tutoring to students struggling with particular competencies.

Employment Liaison (2-3 hours/week): Works in collaboration with the Director of Programs to do outreach to employers who do or would hire the ELL population to better understand work readiness needs to support job retention.

Riverton Park Literacy Clinic Tutor (4-5 hours/week): This tutor works in our Literacy Clinic at Riverton Park using the Laubach’s Way to Reading Curriculum to support students who come to practice reading and writing and get one-on-one or small group support.

Volunteer Trainer (negotiable): This volunteer develops and facilitates training to support tutors to develop effective teaching strategies to better work with students.

Assessment Leader (as needed): This role supports the programs ability to collect assessment data in a timely fashion.

ESoL Enrichment Instructor (1-2 days per week for a minimum of 2 weeks at 181 Brackett Street, Portland): This position’s role is to support adult ESoL students in a language rich environment by teaching content focused enrichment courses (e.g. Interview Mastery, Exploration of Food in America) that further students’ exposure to English while exploring new and high interest subjects.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Deliver 2-4 hours of Enrichment instruction/week for a predetermined time.
  2. Attend regularly scheduled volunteer meetings.
  3. Work in concert with program staff to create and plan lessons.
  4. Support program staff’s efforts to assess student progress.

Qualifications/Desired Attributes:

  • An interest in and commitment to LearningWorks’ mission
  • A sincere desire to be of service to new community members
  • Ability to communicate clearly with non-native speakers
  • At least 6 months of experience working with adult English education
  • Language Learners preferred, but not required
  • Possess a pleasant and caring manner
  • Patience with students learning at various speeds
  • Ability to work independently
  • Adopts a focused approach to solving challenges
  • Ability to think creatively to support student learning
  • Ability to tolerate ambiguity

Please use button below to apply to any of these ELL volunteer opportunities. Thank you.