Leaders $10,000+

Old Bug Light Charitable Foundation
Sam L. Cohen Foundation
Horizon Foundation
Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
Brick and Beam Society
Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
MCF: Community Building Fund
Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation
United Way of Southern Maine

Guardians $5,000-9,999

Frances Hollis Brain Foundation
Moser Family Foundation
Bank of America
Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec
Welch Charitable
Portside Real Estate Group
Rossetter Foundation
Rines/Thompson Fund
Allagash Brewing Company
Portland Sunrise Rotary Club
Central Maine Power
Beim Foundation
Narragansett Number One Foundation
Evelyn S. & K.E. Barrett Foundation

Mentors $1,000-4,999

People’s United Community Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
Guardian Life Insurance Company
Clark Insurance
Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust
Androscoggin Bank MainStreet Foundation
Bangor Savings Bank Foundation
Miley Foundation
cPort Credit Union
Bernstein Shur

YouthBuild USA
Norway Savings Bank
Northeast Planning Associates
Charles Schwab
Nellie Mae Foundation
Martin’s Point Health Care
Hospitality Maine
Street & Co.
Back Cove Financial
ReVision Energy
HM Payson
Town Fair Tire Foundation
Schiavi Family Foundation
Spinnaker Trust
Fiddlehead Art & Science Center
Scrubadub Auto Wash Centers
Friends of Long Creek
Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation

Sponsors $500-999

Baker Newman Noyes
Leonardo’s Pizza
Cheese Louise
Texas Instruments
Sevee & Maher Engineers
The Law Offices of Bruce Merrill
Fore River Financial, LLC
Mailings Unlimited

Patrons $100-499

Flatbread Pizza, Co.
Morgan Stanley
Pine State Elevator Company
Afterschool Alliance
E Perry Iron & Metal Co.
Shaw’s Supermarket
Bath Savings Institution
Machias Savings Bank
Lakeshore Learning


Guardians $5,000

Susan Abt
Marion Knox
Rob and Robin Whitten
Stephen and Nancy Murphy

Mentors $1,000-4,999

The Coleman Family Fund
Thomas Walsh
Anna Marie and John Thron
Tom Bradley and Phyllis Cohn
Carolyn and Peter Johnson
Lynda Mullen and Susan Garfield
John Beliveau
Jason Clark
Beth and Jos Van Mierlo
Robert and Kari Suva
Richard and Karin Anderson
Eric and Wendy Tracy
Hilary Rapkin and William Stiles
Jim Cummings
Will Kilbreth and Leah Whalen
Sarah Oliver and Scott Carter
Lindsey Tweed and Claudia King
Jamie and Beth Kilbreth
Nirupama Aggarwal and Francis Robbins
Susannah White
Rebecca Lambert
John and Devdra Griffin
Thomas and Jade Doyle
Erica and Ivan Schair-Cardona
Ann Beatty-Rose and Daniel Rose
Dr. Amanda Powell and Dirk Bowles
Brian L. Dietz
Emily Gadd
John Christie and Megan McConagha
Barbara and Al McConagha
Catherine L. Bloom
J. Kenneth Burkus
Portland Provident Association
Dorothy Suzi Osher

Sponsors $500-999

Paul and Anne Bulger
David and Lesley Gordon
Jon Edwards and Nancy Fox
Female Samaritan Association
Chad Williams
Catherine L. Bloom
Edward Bryan
Marta Morse
Margaret Mills
Moira Shanahan and Michael Friendly
Michael Currie and Leslie Gibbons
The Katherine Lindsay Howell Fund
Brenda Nicholas
Richard and Aimee Price
Tara A. Walker
Joseph Spagnola
Pam Stephenson
Valerie and Patrick Kelly
Katharine Hall
Jenny Scheu and John Ryan
Michael and Emily Bukowski-Thall
Bess Jacques
Joseph R. Mackey
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Cindy Rasmussen-Dykes and Tom Dykes
Thomas and Jessamyn Norton

Patrons $250-499

Collyn Baeder
Merrill Barter
James Burke
Russ Glidden
Chris and Christine Byrne
Meg Christie
Michael Liff
Tom and Barbara Gorrill
Charlie Miller
Ben Liff
Kent Gordon
Peter Haynes
JD Doyle
Janis Childs and Martha Riehle
Kelly McConnell and Matthew Priddy
Heather Davis and Matt Bush
Sara S. Archbald
Eben and Tori Curtis Jose
Anne H. Russell Charitable Lead Trust
Henry and Lucy Donovan
Karen and Fredric Farber
Jennifer Gregg
Angus King and Mary Herman
Ken Kunin and Beth Stickney
Lisa Hangoc
Jeff and Michele Lind
Vincent Day
Karen Weiss and Pam Remy
Davis Lehman
Laurie Lewin
Gregg Ritter
Sevee and Maher Engineers
Margaret Watson
Kevin Heithoff
Sarah Halpin
Richard Graf
Barbara Keppel
Victoria Shabanian
Jennifer Hoopes and Betsy Smith
Louise Todd Ambler
Truc Huynh
Ken Spirer and Joan Lietzer
Jeremy Moser and Laura Kittle

Friends $100-249

Nancy M. Adams
Jim and Melissa Allen
Tawny Alvarez
Jennifer Burns
Lee Urban
Kim Lipp
Linda Boentgen
Adam Ahmady
Patricia Hille Dodd
Betsy and Rob Tod
Gail Cressey
Carolyn Thomas
Christopher Branson
Robert and Elizabeth Letellier
Holly McCarthy
Gunard Bergman
Duane E. Graves and Renee Bishop
Nolan Reichl
Kristina Egan
Todd Seehagen
Susan McCarthy
John and Lorraine Facella
Anderson Family Fund
Christopher Moore and Bree LaCasse
Rae and Jim Barnes
Diane Dahlke
Marci Dionne
Mary Chris Semrow
Catherine Fallona
Teresa Trickey
John P. Zinn III
Joan Hopkins
Jeanette Garvilles-Andrews
Michelle Santiago
Richard and Lorna Jewell
Normand and Michelle Groleau
Kathleen Casasa
Marion Lundgren
Keyla Alson Griffin
Jennifer Marcello
Drew Watt and Sarah Cotsen
Jeff Gerneau and Chuck Dubuque
Pris Nelson
Judy and Mike Bruenjes
Theresa Coburn
Laurie Mitchell
Jim and Joan Cohen
Philip and Judith Bush
Priscilla Cordeiro
William Norris Dale
Albert and Elizabeth Dibbins
Georgia Koch and Sara Foster
Catherine and William Gavin
Stephen P. Gervais
Jason Hanley
Lynn Alexander
Rachel Maloney Hawkins and Hermenegildo Paulo
Marlene Dye
Kimberly Haynes
CJ and BA Hoppin
Carolyn and Stephen Jenks
Karen Andreasen
Dave and Billie Kull
David and Jackie Kurz
David and Elaine Larsen
Lylea Latham and Joseph Allosso
Peter W. Lawrence
Ed S. Gardner III
Doug and Constance Libby
Karen Luse and RJ Harper
Robert and Doris McAfee
Meredith Kuehn
Diane Dahlke
Thomas and Susan Lyons
William McFarlane and Constance Bloomfield
Bruce Moore and Jan Chapman
Harold and Peggy Osher
Richard Pollak
Leora Rabin and David Inger
Gloria Robbins
Dona Siatras
Kristin and Warren Valdmanis
Winifred Webster
Kristin G. Sweeney
Jeanne Whynot-Vickers and Trevor Vickers
Mark Woodhead
Hannah Young
Brice Ndayisenga
Elaine Armstrong
Steve and Jody Thaxton
Lane and Brockway Clarke
Celine and Chris Kuhn
Michelle Boucher
Brian Fournier
Matt Hanson
Alli Harper
Kim and Heather Heithoff
Richard Hubbell
Rick Jones
John Lortie
Edward McGann
Dana Murch
Rick and Melissa Murphy
Sigmund Schutz
Thomas Welch
Joe Davis
Leah Thibault
Lesley MacVane and Roger Berle
Tony Cipollone
Dan Partin
William Middleton
Ruth Mette
Dennis Kurth
Carol Wilson
Alison Hawkes and Brian Harris
Patrick and Paula Delahanty
Margaret Adelson
Kristen Anderson
Mary Doughty
John Henson
Lawrence Kurth
Renee Rhoads
Barbara and Keith Powers
Kenneth Woods
Richard and Alice Spencer
Alison Smith
Dora Anne Mills
Laura and Anna Rumpf
Carson and Chris Lutes
Francesca Galluccio-Steele
Richard Webb
Carlyle and Patricia Voss
John D. Tewhey
Ethan Strimling
Robert Sotta
John Smoot
Roger Morin
Matt Manahan and Ann Trask
Anita Jones
Thomas and Jacqueline Bell
Mohamud Ahmed
James Allen
Marcy Banton
Dan and Sara Boxer
Frank Castiglione
Chris A. Berry
David and Lynne Champoux
Brian Clarke
Jay and Nisha Dearborn
Joseph Delehant
Rick Fehling
Marcia Feller
Rhonda Harrington Cashell
Vicki Gordan



Contributors <$100

Ophelia and Hayli Hu Kinney
Arnold Kinney
Arla and Candace Cohen
Michael and Carla Cutting
Linda and Philip Coupe
Elizabeth Bordowitz
Ann Nash
Anton Wagner
Sandra Austin
Susanna Adams
Charles Vrtis
Iris Blasi
John and Corinne Darby
John and Jean Gulliver
Judith Connolly
David Tucker
Suzanne Laberge
Adele Gagne
Brian Rayback
Glen and MJ Perry
Penelope Reilly
Eric Hanin
Tara Rook
Katie Brooke
Linda Dutremble
Mollie Goldenberg
Kyle Trombley
Laura Huddy
Gibson and Renee Fay-Leblanc
C. Waite and Christine Maclin
Leroy and Mary Mottla
Carolyn Murray
Jeffrey Schwartz
Leanne Baker
Sonia Tonelli
Charles Brown
Richard Naylor
Derek Fassett
Julie and Jerome Faure
Michelle Tham
Bill and Nancy Gregory
Lucy Breslin
Jordan Fields
Julianna Kiley
Colby Senior
Anne Hagstrom
David Cosgrove
Steve Mortimer and Alice Ruvane
Karen MacDonald
Amy Laverdiere
Justin Cincotti
Betty Parsons
David Hilton
Ed Resnisky
Bernie and Phyllis Givertz
Nancy and George Rallis
Rebecca Boulos
Gerard Braet
Peyton Black
Andrea Gammon
Linda Burnham
Lauren Jordy
Iris Silverstein
Henry and Christine Ingwersen
Jan Simpson
Priscilla Skerry and Naomi Kronlokken
Beverly Stevens
Deb Bicknell
Richard and Norma Coughlin
Samuel and Judith D’Amico
Garrett Glaser
Catherine Harrington
Louis Pirone
Ben and Celine Frueh
David Schmerler
Arlene Tanous-McCracken
Lisa Burke
Kate Fishman
James Hill
Douglas Johnson
Eric Lacombe
James Melanson
Matt Snyder
Max Young
Susan Longley
Peter Kraut
Peter Bowman
Mercedes Grandin
Cyril and Corrine Baranowski
Shenna L. Bellows
Richard and Julia Curtis
Ryan Davis
Dana Gold
Victoria Hendrickson
Julie and Matthew Welch
Joon S. Lee
Rye Ma
Sean McCormick and Kalliope Varaklis
Stephen Mitchell
BH Nelson
William and Ursula Slavick
Robert Stier
Kimball Page and John Webster
Robert Willson
Sarah Alexander
Tom and Therese Armstrong
Richard Berry
Daniel Boutin and Anne E. Adams
Nancy Caldwell
Melodie Cook
Judith and Orlando Delogu
Mary F. Dunn
Jill and Michael Epstein
Sue and Barry Goldsmith
Elizabeth Hays
Denise Larue and Robert Furman
Robert and Elizabeth Letellier
Betsy Mayberry
Donna McAdam
Sybil and Edward McCarthy
Cynthia Murray-Beliveau
Beth Nadeau
Anja and Derek Pierce
Robert Raff and Mary Delois
Joe Sanderson
Philip Stevens
Mara and Juris Ubans
Kay K. White
Judy and Doug Woodbury
Cindy Andrews
Rita Armstrong
Wayne Boyd
Tyler Carr
Jamie Clisham
Claire Clonan
James Flower
Don Gesicki
Kyle Glover
Stephen Harding
Jennifer Hutchins
John R. Kennedy
Justin Laverriere
Michael Naumann
Andrea Oliver
Margaret Reinfried
Matthew Riggs
Rose Heithoff
Jansen Savic
Shawnee Sax
Zach Vincent
John Sellati
Chris Smith
Mary Taggart
Desiree Van Til
Elliot Teel and Michelle Tham
Dawn M. Leland
Patricia Cross
Vicki Dillingham
Arthur Strimling and Lisa Segal
Amanda Lauritzen
Maya Lena
Wesley Stevens
Kate Durkin
Rebecca Millett and Kevin Kobel
Lorraine Taft
Christine Lane
Christine Emerson
Stephanie Bethel
Anita Crofts
Ruth Elkin
Whitney McClees


U.S. Department of Labor
Maine Department of Education
City of Portland CDBG
City of Biddeford CDBG
Corporation for National and Community Service