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By phone: (207)775-0105
Confidential fax: (207)775-1392
By mail: 181 Brackett St, Portland ME 04102

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Heather Davis Executive Director X111
Brenda Smith Director of Programs X136
Douglas Libby Chief Financial Officer X112
Jessica Moninski Director of Compliance X133
Eric Knutsen Development Director X122
Aimee Moody Director of AfterSchool Programming - Waterboro (207) 210-5524
Amy Pichette Director – AfterSchool Programming X164
Andrew Mills Service Works Coordinator, York County (207) 699-9427
Caitlin Malloy Site Coordinator/Lead Teacher at LWAS, Riverton Elementary School (207) 615-6728
Carole Clark Site Coordinator - LWAS Ocean Avenue (207) 699-6196
Cassie Antonelli Director of Behavioral Health (207) 699-8068
Charlie Koch YBA Social Worker/Clinician X145
Cheryl Morin Site Coordinator at LWAS Presumpscot (207) 699-6056
David Connor Vocational Teacher, YBA X148
Dawn Burley Clinical Coordinator (207) 699-9212
Deb Jaime Site Coordinator - LWAS, Biddeford Primary School (207) 251-2569
Ethan Schechter Director - LW AIMS HIGH X139
Glenn Tozier Adult Case Manager (207) 615-4853
Jennifer Belanger Director of AfterSchool Programming - South Portland (207) 232-2149
Julie Stone Jobs for Maine Graduates Teacher X181
Kathy Maurice Site Coordinator at LWAS, Hall Elementary School (207) 615-6726
Lauren Ouellette Site Coordinator, Portland & Windham Schools AIMS High AmeriCorps (207) 650-2998
Lindsey Good Teacher - Youth Building Alternatives X118
Lisa Burke Accounts Payable & HR Specialist Option 3
Lonna Plummer Financial Analyst X112
Marci Dionne Director - Biddeford AfterSchool (207) 251-5771
Meghan Rivas Site Coordinator/Lead Teacher at LWAS, Riverton Elementary School (207) 615-6728
Natalie Gola Outpatient Clinician (207) 699-8789
Nicole Norton Outpatient Clinician (207)615-4908
Rachael Camire Adult Case Manager (207) 699-8323
Reg Kennie Site Coordinator - LWAS East End Community School (207) 615-3895
Rodney Richard Math/Vocational Trainer X141
Samantha Funk Youth Building Alternatives Pathways Coordinator X181
Sara Lolley Porgram Coordinator - LW AIMS HIGH X163
Shirley St. Ours Site Coordinator - LWAS, Biddeford Intermediate School (207) 468-8220
Soni Waterman Director – Youth Building Alternatives X142
Teyonda Hall Director, English Language and Literacy X165
Tim Delahanty Director of Service Works X183
Tom Kane Director of Student Development, YBA X162
Toni Newsome Lead Teacher at LWAS Reiche (207)615-5312
Trina Dorn Assistant Director of AfterSchool Programming - Portland X173
Victoria Morrill Site Coordinator, LW AIMS HIGH AmeriCorps, CK Burns School & Biddeford Intermediate School (207) 699-8695