English Language & Literacy Program

Program Director
Teyonda Hall (207)775-0105 email Teyonda Hall

The English Language & Literacy  Program (EL &LP) is an educational program for new Mainers who need English language and cultural literacy skills. 

In the program we offer:

  • Individualized learning programs to gain the skills necessary to be independent in a new country.
  • Focus on real-life situations, providing students with the practical help they need.
  • Learner-centered, context-based lessons geared to students who are at varying levels and from a variety of countries and cultures.
  • Build communication skills that enable students to understand what they hear and be understood by others, read with comprehension, and express themselves on paper.

The classroom includes adults from many diverse backgrounds with widely differing experiences. 

We serve immigrant and refugees from all over the world including Somalia, Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Iraq, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Congo, and South Korea.

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